The shipwreck was discovered in 1985, 70 meters off the shore of the Kibbutz Ma’agan Mikhael, thirty kilometres south of Haifa. The excavation and the coupling of the shipwreck were carried out from 1988 to 1989 and today the ship is exhibited in the Museum of the University of Haifa. From the findings on the ship, the species of the timber that had been used (pinus brutia and quercus coccifera), as well as from the technique of its construction, we conclude that the ship was a small Greek merchantman probably built in the eastern Aegean around 400 B.C. It is estimated that it was 13.5 meters long with a displacement of 23 tons. It is worth noting that the archaic technique of “sewing” and the technique where the joints were made by mortise and tenons were both applied.

The excavation and the research of the shipwreck were realized under the direction of Professors Elisha Linder and Yaacov Kahanov.

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